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Lead Free Brass Components

Lead Free Brass Components Matter To Families In India

Whether you are working as plumbing master or just concerned about drinking water, lead free brass components can make a big difference. Why most suppliers of brass components in India advice to consider lead free brass fittings for personal and industrial use. You can take every precaution to keep your family or clients safe.

​Lead free brass pipes and components used for water supply give you pure, germ free water. Lead is a poisonous metal that can leech into the water and cause health hazards. Families across the world hardly know the side effects of lead. If any person has installed brass pipe containing lead, it can poison the water and make the family members seriously ill.

It is a serious matter and many government bodies across the world have issued new rules and regulations. If you live in older building or if you are working and installing new plumbing, there are many things you need to consider ensuring safety of yourself and your kids.

Nothing can be as dangerous as poisoning children and unborn babies. To protect them against poisonous lead, it is a duty of every family head to carefully install right brass components that do not contain lead content.

How to know if any family member(s) gets affected with lead?

The person consuming water that has lead will face severe headaches, stomach problems, slow brain development, and behavioral issues. If you are having old brass fittings, call professionals to check whether these fittings have lead as there is no other way to keep your family safe. They will check and update you and you can accordingly make your next move.

Human body is accustomed to moving minerals and metals across the body. And if lead moves to your body, it can damage the red blood cells, bones, and make you weaker. The use of lead free brass components can protect you against these issues and promote healthy living. Talk to the us and ask for only lead-free products if you really want to save your family from harmful effects of lead.

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Aug 01, 2023

Brass components are a top choice for various industries, and for a good reason. Their excellent machinability and resistance to wear make them the go-to solution for precision engineering.

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